About Town Togs

Shopping with Town Togs is a great way to find unique clothes for kids and adults – and to help support an important cause. With each Town Togs purchase, 20% goes to The Bone Marrow Foundation’s Pediatric Patient Aid Program.

Since starting The Bone Marrow Foundation in 1992, Christina Merrill has continually looked for new ways to raise money for children with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.  Merrill’s 11-year-old son, Christopher (seen at left with two of his younger brothers), shares his mother’s passion for helping cancer patients, particularly children, and provided the initial inspiration.  “He wanted to tie something in, and so he said let’s make ties,” said Merrill.

Thus was born the first collection in the Town Togs line. The name Town Togs refers to the time-honored tradition of dressing up for special trips into town.

Now Christopher and his brothers serve as models and “design consultants” to make sure the styles are something all boys will want to wear.

And, as Christina Merrill notes,  “With Town Togs products, it’s easy and fashionable for kids to help kids, and families to help families.”

Since 1992, The Bone Marrow Foundation has worked to improve the quality of life for patients receiving bone marrow and stem transplants. A transplant is an  overwhelming experience – physically, emotionally, logistically and  financially – both for patients and for their families.

The Bone Marrow Foundation supports patients, their families and their caregivers every step of the way during a bone marrow or stem cell transplant, and has helped thousands of patients answer questions and make the connections they need for the best quality of life possible during tremendously challenging times.

Through financial assistance, education, and resource connections, The Bone Marrow Foundation serves patients with a wide range of cancers and genetic disorders; all services are offered free to patients and their families. This non-profit organization receives no government assisance, and relies on the generosity of private donations.

For more information on The Bone Marrow Foundation, and how you can help, visit www.bonemarrow.org.