Scholarship Grants

Scholarship Grants help make educational aspirations a reality for bone marrow, stem cell and cord blood transplant survivors.

Transplant affects all aspects of life and often prohibits the pursuit of educational opportunities. To address this, the Bone Marrow & Cancer Foundation offers survivors support towards an academic future so their hopes and dreams remain intact. Scholarship Grants supports students of all ages as they pursue their educational goals.

To qualify for a Scholarship Grant from the Bone Marrow & Cancer Foundation, an individual must have undergone a transplant and be enrolled or preparing to enroll (either part-time or full-time) in an accredited educational institution. Applicants are required to submit a personal essay as well as a written recommendation from an educator or academic advisor. Grants are awarded for a period of one year and may be renewed upon proof of continued eligibility, academic progress and available funding.

The Bone Marrow & Cancer Foundation’s Scholarship Grants principally targets students enrolled in public schools, two- and four-year academic programs, specific trade schools and homebound educational programs. Scholarship Grants help cover tuition fees, academic supplies and educational homebound equipment. Applications for the Scholarship Grants are on a rolling basis and applicants must demonstrate a need for financial assistance.

Guidelines and Application Form

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“I've decided to become a bone marrow transplant nurse. I believe that I can make the same immeasurable impact in other patients' transplant experience. I want to treat illness and care for patients with an understanding that only another transplant patient could have. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be considered for such a wonderful scholarship.”